Portable Electric Blender

Portable Electric Blender
Portable Electric Blender
Portable Electric Blender
Portable Electric Blender
Portable Electric Blender
Portable Electric Blender

Portable Electric Blender

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Introducing the Portable Electric Blender - your ultimate companion for crafting delectable juices, smoothies, and refreshing beverages effortlessly within the confines of your home. Made from food-grade PC material paired with a trusty food-grade rubber seal, this blender ensures a safe and reliable culinary experience. With a charming array of four captivating colors - Purple, Pink, Green, and Blue - you have the freedom to choose a shade that resonates with your style. Tailoring to your needs, two capacity variants stand ready - the versatile 380ml or the generous 500ml. Equipped with a proficient configuration of either 4 or 6 blades, this blender guarantees swift and uniform blending of ingredients. Pay heed to the subtle notes inscribed on the juice cup: initiate with a prudent 3-hour charge during first use, tightening the cup body and base to engage an invisible protective switch, and prepping fruits into diminutive 1.5 cm fragments. Hydration is key - remember to introduce water or milk, comprising half the quantity of fruit, to the mix. Beware the cardinal switch maneuver: invert the cup, elevate the switch before the head, execute a 45-degree tilt, and revel in the wholesome extraction of juices. Designed to conquer a variety of fruits and vegetables, this compact juicer thrives on producing succulent results for less rigid produce. Elevate your culinary exploits with the Portable Electric Blender, and relish in a symphony of flavors that redefine homemade refreshment.


  • Material: Food-grade PC material + Food-grade rubber seal
  • Colors: Purple, Pink, Green, Blue
  • Capacity Options: 380ml, 500ml
  • Blade Options: 4 blades, 6 blades
  • Charging Time: Initial charge of 3 hours (8 hours recommended), subsequent charges as needed
  • Fruit Preparation: Cut fruit into 1.5 cm pieces
  • Hydration: Add water or milk equivalent to half the fruit quantity
  • Switch Technique: Invert cup, elevate switch, tilt 45 degrees for optimal extraction
  • Usage: Ideal for soft to moderately firm fruits and vegetables

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